Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

Dec 29, 2015

For many of us, our pets are a part of our families. Make sure they stay safe during all of the holiday festivities with these helpful tips.

Create a quiet space for pets.

The holidays are a chaotic time, especially when it’s your turn to host the annual party. Set up a private space for your pets to allow them to relax when they need a break, especially if they’re skittish or anxious by nature.

Keep food out of reach.

Although most dogs and cats will happily eat scraps from the table, there are many foods they shouldn’t eat. Other items such as turkey bones, wrappers, etc. also pose a choking hazard for your furry friends.

Clean spills right away.

If an ornament or decoration happens to break, be sure to sweep up the pieces right away so that your pets don’t cut themselves on any broken glass or shards.

Rethink your décor.

Hooks, tinsel and glass items can be dangerous for curious pets, especially if swallowed. Additionally, candles may burn animals and create a fire hazard. Keep these items up high or avoid using them all together.

Avoid toxic plants.

Although popular this time of year, plants like lilies, holly and mistletoe are highly toxic to animals if ingested. Even poinsettias are known to cause some irritation if swallowed or exposed to the skin. Avoid purchasing these plants and be sure to inspect bouquets given to you by guests to ensure your pets stay safe.

Watch your tree water.

Tree water is tempting for many dogs and cats who want to quench their thirst. However, it can cause intestinal problems. If your heart is set on having a real tree, buy a smaller one and put it somewhere out of reach or surround it with a dog fence.

Keep small items out of reach.

Small items such as gifts, trinkets, confetti or balloons pose a choking hazard for many animals. Put them up high and instruct your guests to do the same.