Carrie and Bob Endorf

Jul 29, 2021

A word on our experience buying with Justin Croft … Fantastic. Justin had everything expected in a good agent: knowledge of the market, great counsel, an easy to work with personality. Three areas where Justin was beyond a good agent: His availability. He answered calls, texts, and emails or respond to them quickly. If we needed a showing when he was otherwise booked, someone from his staff would make it happen. His perfect use of communication method. Something for your records? He would email. Need to know now? He’d text. Too complex for a text or email? He’d call. It is remarkable how easy that makes communication and the process as a whole. Last, he was really our agent, working on behalf of us. There was no pressure to force a sale. He’d counsel on how to get a lender moving. He provided a script for my phone call with the title company. He laid out all options. We never had a concern that anything Justin said or did was for anyone’s benefit but ours. I hope this praise paints a picture of how happy we are with Justin Croft. But perhaps all you need to know when we need an agent again, we will go out of our way to get Justin.