Cristian Olave & April Smith-Olave

Aug 23, 2017

The challenges of buying a home are daunting, and in our case they were doubly so. As first time home buyers we were also out of state buyers. The idea of having to buy a home and go through the process while not living in the same city was scary, to say the least. Thankfully we were referred to Justin Croft, and after our first phone conversation with him we knew he had the knowledge, experience, dedication, and, most importantly, the empathy to guide us through the experience. And guide us he did. Justin was always ready with a thoughtful response to every little question, and to provide insight beyond just a simple answer. Being on a relocation deadline did not make matters any easier for us and as the date approached, stress came along. But Justin was always the voice of reason, reminding us that he would not only help us find a home, but a home we would love. We are happy to report that we are, indeed, living in the home that Justin promised. He went above and beyond during the entire process and made sure that we understood every aspect of it. We would recommend Justin to anyone thinking of buying or selling a home.