Stephanie Worsley

Mar 27, 2023

WE JUST CLOSED THANKS TO JUSTIN!!!! We had the most pleasant & easy experience with Croft Realtors. We relocated and was referred to Justin’s company & another company, we chose the other company but it didn’t work out for us so we contacted Justin and he happily took us on, not giving us flack for not going with him initially lol! Justin always get back with you in a timely manner, keeps you abreast of any and all happenings, changes, & suggestions. He doesn’t try to force actions on you, just give you the facts, make suggestions but ultimately allow you to make the decision even if you have to come back to what he suggested the first time 😉 He’s smart, sharp and knows his stuff and works hard for his clients. You won’t regret using Croft Realtors!